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Bodybuilding Diet PlanBodybuilding Diet Plan

Without a bodybuilding diet plan, gaining the muscle bulk you are looking for may be impossible…

Your body & your muscles need specific nutrients to develop, if you restrict the types of foods you consume by following strict weight control diets you can very easily starve your body of the food it needs to grow muscles.

What Makes Muscles Grow?

Muscle growth is triggered by muscle exertion, after a particular muscle is stressed to its maximum during muscle building exercises it will attempt to heal itself & grow stronger, so as to be able to perform that particular muscle building exercise again without reaching its maximum.

A bodybuilding diet plan needs to ensure you have enough of the right nutrients in your system at the correct time to allow your muscles to grow & let your body bulk up.
Many people looking to bulk up & grow muscles make the same mistake, they starve their body of energy! They do this because they are trying to rid certain areas of surface fat to become more defined. A low fat low carb diet may be OK if you are trying to loose weight but it does nothing but harm if you are trying to build muscles.

What the Food Groups Do…

  • Protein – Lean Protein is converted to Amino Acids which are the building material your Muscles need to grow.
  • Fat – Good Fats provide both energy & promote the formation of testosterone which signals the muscles to grow.
  • Carbohydrates – Complex Carbohydrates provide the energy you need during the day & for your workouts.

A good bodybuilding diet plan will promote a balance of these food groups not a restriction of them.
i.e. Someone looking to get those six pack abs will frequently eat more protein & restrict their fat & carb intake, they will then go to the gym & work out heavily on the abdominal region. However by restricting the fat they are low on testosterone so the body is missing the signals to tell the muscles to get bigger, & by restricting carbs the easiest source of energy for the muscles being worked are the muscles themselves! So rather than getting bigger better defined muscles all that effort just turns into very sour muscles.

Bodybuilding Diet Plan – How often & how much?

As often as possible is the simple answer to “How often you should eat”  by eating a little, allot you keep your metabolism high & you always have plenty of energy throughout the day and avoid that afternoon low.

Tip: Vary your meals food group percentages depending upon your activities. i.e. More carbs before workouts, more protein after.

How much you eat will vary greatly upon your goals, current body size & metabolism. As a general rule it takes 15X your body weight in calories to maintain your weight. Obviously if you are going to work out vigorously or have a fast metabolism then you would need to increase that multiplier to 18 or 20X. Track your weight & adjust as required we have developed a Weight Gain Calorie Calculator to help you.

Depending upon your goals we recommend 2 bodybuilding programs:

For those looking to add weight & bulk up the Vince Delmonte bodybuilding program is a proven system with many glowing endorsements.
If you are simply looking to get ripped then the BodyBuilding Revealed course is the one for you.
Only by following a specifically designed bodybuilding diet plan  for either weight gain or muscle growth will you stand a far better chance of being successful in your goals.


Skinny PeopleBeing Skinny is your choice!

Skinny people may have a propensity for being thin but staying skinny is your choice & your choice alone.
As much as you may have hated your skinny body until today you haven’t followed through & made the commitment to change it..
Yes you may have tried to gain a few pounds you may have even joined a gym but then eventually ended up quitting because the results you were after never materialized.

You don’t have to continue living in a skinny frame, being able to eat without putting on the pounds sounds great to all your average or overweight friends but I know that you know differently.
Skinny people live with constant ridicule, and even if it is good matured it hurts, it has a negative impact on your confidence & self esteem. Fear of ridicule impacts many romantic relationships, never wanting to be seen & subsequently judged can drive a wedge between couples that is hard to overcome.

Well today is the day you can put that skinny tag behind you & find out how you too can get ripped & have a body you can finally be proud of.

So Why Are Skinny People Skinny?

Before you can make a change you first need to understand just why skinny people are skinny.

Unless you have purposely been under consuming or simply starving yourself then in all likelihood you have a very fast metabolism but just what does that mean?
In simple terms your body naturally burns more stored energy even at rest than that of other people, this is amplified when you exert yourself making bodybuilding almost impossible if you don’t make allowances for it.

For skinny people simply watching TV or digesting their last meal can use up all their energy reserves otherwise they would naturally put on weight, so just imagine what happens if you suddenly go to the gym & try to build muscles!
Your body needs extra energy to perform the strenuous exercises you’re asking of it, without any available reserves it will take from the most convenient source “your muscles” so instead of building muscles & getting ripped you end up with smaller very sour ones.

Diet – Quality, Quantity & Frequency

Diet Quality: Eating the wrong food to bulk up is going to get you nothing more than a “beer gut”  so to all intentional purposes you will be a fat skinny guy! What you need to eat are foods that will promote muscle growth please review our post – What to Eat to Gain Weight Healthily

Quantity: Presently you are only consuming enough calories to support your skinny body size, so you need to increase your caloric intake to provide enough energy to put on weight & allow you to get ripped. You can find out how many calories you will need to consume by using our handy Weight Gain Calorie Calculator

Frequency:Just as you are increasing the amount you eat you also need to increase the amount of times you eat. Eating a little allot is far better than eating allot a little. Try to plan on dividing your calorie intake into 5 or 6 smaller meals this will keep you energized throughout the day & make it far easier on you to be able to eat all this additional food.

Muscle Mass Workouts

To get a ripped form you need to push your muscles just slightly beyond their capabilities. First warm up the muscles to be targeted by performing 2 sets of 10 reps at 50% of your 1 rep max. i.e. If you can lift 100lb perform your warm up exercises at 50lb, now perform the same warm up routine on the opposing muscle group.

Once warmed up increase the weight or resistance to 80% of your max & perform 3 sets of 7 reps on both muscle groups finally increase the weight to 90% of max & perform 2sets of 5 reps each this should be really hard & push you to your limits. Repeat this process on the different muscle groups you are targeting. On following workouts switch equipment when working the muscles of you were using weights use resistance & visa verse. Never let your muscles become accustomed to either weight, repetitions, or resistance & always push them a little bit beyond your comfort level.

Muscles Need Water & Rest

Now that you are feeding your muscles with the nutrients they need to grow, & stressing  them into growing you need to add the final ingredients Water & Rest.
Muscles are 80% water so if they are to grow you need to be well hydrated see How Much Water to Drink A Day to ensure you are correctly hydrated.

Rest is vitally important I know you want to get ripped fast but constant training will not help, you need adequate rest between workouts to let your muscles recover & grow. Wait at least 2 days even 3 before returning to the same muscle group.

Click Here – For a more complete workout and diet program proven to work for skinny people.

Skinny people can achieve a ripped body they just need a different approach to bodybuilding!


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