Sunday, October 4, 2015

Weight Gain Calorie Calculator

Weight Gain Calorie CalculatorAs the amount of calories you consume & exercise you perform each day will determine your rate of weight gain, we have developed a handy weight gain calorie calculator to assist you in determining your daily calorie requirements.

Weight Gain Calorie Calculator

Note: Ladies Please See Female Calorie Calculator as this Calculator was configured for Male Use Only.

The amount of calories your body burns each day will vary depending upon your own metabolism & activity levels.
Our weight gain calculator uses BMR x Activity Level +/- 500 Calories a day per pound as its default to allow for steady weight gain, however depending upon what you know of your own metabolism & exercise level you should adjust it to suit.

As a hardgainer you may well burn more calories than the average person so we would advise selecting either a higher gain or activity level

The other presets on the calculator reflect common opinion of the correct protein (40%) / carbohydrate (40%)/ Fat (20%), ratios for weight gain.

If  you are following a particular weight gain diet program that has different values, or are simply seeing how many calories you need per day you are free to adjust the values as required a normal ratio is..  30% Protein/50% Carb/20% Fat.

What food groups do..

Complex Carbohydrates – Provide Energy
Proteins – Are converted to Amino Acids which build muscle
Fat – Increases Testosterone which promotes muscle growth

Without a healthy combination of all of these food groups you will not achieve the muscle growth you desire.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, muscles are made up of 80% water so you need to stay well hydrated it is recommended you drink 8oz of water for every 10 – 12.5lb of body weight.

Calculate How Much Water To Drink A Day

NOTE: This Weight Gain Calorie Calculator is provided for your enjoyment only, if you are embarking on a weight gain program it is highly advisable to consult a qualified nutritionist.